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Telephone Messages
The Spoken Word


The Spoken Word


Dave has read advertisements for hundreds of businesses, ranging from car yards to baby clothes; industrial supplies to lotto. If you need a voice recording made, whether it be for a television or radio commercial, corporate video or presentation - and for whatever medium - television, radio, cinema or web - Dave may have the voice you're looking (or listening) for. Dave can also wite, record and produce your voice-over in his own studio, saving you money. 

Contact Dave to find out more.

Telephone Messages


Most business telephone systems have a great marketing tool built in - the on-hold function.


When clients take the time to call your business, utilise their on-hold time and turn it into a positive experience for both your customer and your business. Dave Gorr's Telephone 'On-Hold' Messages allow you to communicate directly with your own captive audience.


When placed on hold, instead of hearing a CD, radio, chimes or silence, you can be telling customers about aspects of your business they may not even know about.

The Spoken Word
Marketing edge


Dave Gorr's Telephone 'On-Hold' Messages can tell your clients about:


• Opening hours

• New products and services

• Cross-promotion of products and services

• Your address, directions and parking info

• Your website

• Industry awards

• Special and seasonal offers

• Trade shows

How it works


We'll write, record and produce a series of 8 messages about your business which are loaded onto a digital playback machine. This machine is then connected to your telephone system, allowing callers to hear the messages when placed on hold.


Please note: If there is a radio or CD player already coupled to your telephone system, Dave Gorr's Telephone 'On-Hold' Messages can be connected immediately. Some telephone systems may require minor technical alterations to enable the on-hold function; in these cases a small one-off fee will apply.

Updating your messages


You can update, delete, change or modify any or all segments of your Telephone 'On-Hold' Messages program at any time. This can be weekly, monthly, seasonally or on an ad-hoc basis.


Click on the samples to hear how your Telephone 'On-Hold' Messages will sound and Contact 

Dave to find out more.

Telephone Messages

The first time Dave held a microphone was in front of his Year 4 primary school class, reading classified ads from the newspaper. Who would have known that this would lead to an entire career of basically speaking for a living? Unfortunately, this same fascination steered Dave towards the rather expensive hobby of collecting microphones. The gallery below contains his favourites, which are available to hire as props for TV, film or stage.

Calrad 400C_edited
Electrovoice 915_edited
Electrovoice 623_edited
Dynacord 200_edited
Argonne AR-57_edited
Electrovoice 644_edited
Auricon E-6_edited
Electrovoice 664G_edited
Shure 51_edited
Shure 55_edited
Electrovoice 915_edited
Calrad DM-21G_edited
Electrovoice 611_edited
SSS R47_edited
Inada IDM-3_edited
ETC Astatic D-104_edited
SSS Torpedo_edited
Shure 330_edited
Electrovoice 950_edited
Turner 22D_edited
Turner 33D_edited
Turner S34X_edited

Click to hear samples

Click to hear samples

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